Shipping & Returns


We offer island-wide delivery across Jamaica within 2 business days, for a standard low rate of nine hundred and fifty dollars (J$1,600.00/ US$13.56).

We are also able to ship most items overseas to wherever you are in the world. However, the cost for shipping is determined by the weight of the items purchased and the length of time chosen for shipping. Please contact us at for a quotation for shipping when you have determined the items that you would like shipped.


While we are able to ship alcohol to most countries, customs regulations prohibit us sending alcohol directly into the US or Canada without a broker. This significantly increases the cost of shipping as a broker will charge upward of US$200 to do the amount of paperwork required. This may be the cost to process a shipment 1 bottle or 1 pallet.

Please be guided by the following link – Requirements for importing alcohol into the US for personal use –

The following can be recommended:

  • Company: Glocal Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders
  • Contact: Bridgette Bucknor
  • T: 876-481-0942
  • F: 757-5507
  • Email:
  • Company: Eagle and Whale Custom Brokers
  • Contact: Hurrine/ Christopher Kennedy
  • T: 876-908-4473/6, 305-407-9680
  • Email:


  1. If I purchase stuff online can my mom do pick up in the store as they’re not far from you. I’m overseas

  2. blank

    Definitely we do facilitate that service. Just select the pick-up in-store option at checkout. Thanks for making it Sampars Cash & Carry.

  3. blank

    Can I use Tara to do pickup?

  4. blank

    Hi, yes you can.

    Jermaine Thomas

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